Don Tackett
Graphic Designer

Mock-up Web Pages

The following mock websites are simply that, mock sites. They were either completely fabricated by me, or chosen from an existing site to be re-designed.

No Band's Land

With technology today, home recording studios have become quite the rage, home computers with CD burners; direct to USB recording cables for instruments and microphones; color printers and even CD drives that can print directly onto the discs themselves, have made going to a professional studio to record and produce an album a thing of the past. The only problem now is to find other musicians to help record a musical idea.

No Band’s Land ( is an online community Website where individual musicians can find fellow, like‐minded musicians to record music together. Each user creates a profile depicting experience, musical preference, instruments played and in what capacity they are available; whether looking to form a band, or simply needing other musicians to flesh out a song they have written. Additionally, the site offers online recording software and ftp transfer capabilities so that musicians can collaborate on a project together without being in the same location. (This is not a real website).

No Band's Land 1 No Band's Land 2 No Band's Land 3 No Band's Land 4 No Band's Land 5 No Band's Land Logo

College Hill Coffee Co.

These designs represent the mock re-design of an existing website. These are mock-up images created with Indesign and Photoshop for rendering purposes only. The first images are samples of the original website. The subsequent images are the re-designed versions. (This was not an official re-design).

Original Coffee Shop site Re-designed Coffee site 1 Re-designed Coffee site 2

Fender BASSics

These designs represent the creation of a mock website. These are mock-up images created in Indesign and Photoshop for rendering purposes only. (This is not a real website).

Fender BASSics 1 Fender BASSics 2

All artwork designed and created by Don Tackett except for Fender, College Hill Coffee Co., and Steinberg. Said logos are the property of their respective entities. All rights reserved.

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